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Mercedes A-Class BRABUS
BRABUS always one step ahead: The A-Class is one of the many which BRABUS tune up. Also for the Mercedes A-Class, BRABUS offer a complete tuning package which doesn't leave open any desires and options as BRABUS kit it up to the max.

Mercedes C-Class Sports Coupe BRABUS
The All new C-Class Sports Coupe created by Mercedes Benz is once again toyed around by BRABUS. BRABUS have designed a range of engine for the Sports Coupe. They have also created sporty designed body kits for the all new C-Class Sports Coupe.
Mercedes C-Class BRABUS
BRABUS are always one step ahead as the new CL coupe proved. BRABUS also provides a complete program of tuning components for the new Mercedes C-Class of the W 203 model range. Sporty-elegantly designed body styling parts, custom-fit wheel/tyre combinations from 17inchs to 19inchs, sporty-comfortably, modifications to the suspension, gives the cars a smoother ride. BRABUS also gives the new C-Class a more powerful performance tuning and exclusive options for the in.
Mercedes CLK-Class BRABUS
The new Mercedes CLK BRABUS is a very desriable car as its dynamically-elegant aerodynamics parts, custom-made wheel/tyre combinations, sporty- comfortably tuned suspensions, powerful engine tuning-kits and exclusive options for the interior, BRABUS offers a comprehensive tuning program for the new Mercedes CLK. This car also can have the business equipment installed on request.
Mercedes CL-Class BRABUS
As the new as the Mercedes CL Coupe is BRABUS are always one step ahead as they have already made a tuning program for the CL Coupe. The CL Coupe diesel has proved to car lovers as the most powerful diesel in the world. On the normal scale of a CL coupe engine upgrades reach 554 hp / 407 kW, light alloy wheels in sizes up to 20inch and stylish aerodynamic components, sport suspensions and interior leather trims are available. This car also have the business equipment installed on request.
Mercedes E-Class BRABUS
The new Mercedes E-Class BRABUS has yet again been tuned and turned in a monster by BRABUS. The E-Class's new shape brings more elegance to the Mercedes style and then taken into the BRABUS workshop to be transformed. There are a variety of new tuning package to this sedan including a 6.1 increased-displacement engine with 426 hp / 313 kW for the E500.
Mercedes M-Class BRABUS
The BRABUS designers and engineers have developed a full range of tested tuning components and attractive accessories for the M-Class - as they have done so many times in the past for the other Mercedes models. This Mercedes M-Class is the latest Jeep from Mercedes. It also comes with a tuning program. And a luxeriuos interior.
Mercedes SL Class BRABUS
BRABUS offers the largest selection of engine tunings for Mercedes automobiles in the world. For the new SL 500 there are no less than three stages of performance tuning. The top-of-the-line 6.1-liter version delivers 426 hp / 313 kW at just 5,400 rpm, and produces a gigantic maximum torque of 621 Nm at 4,100 rpm. With this engine the roadster accelerates in 5.4 seconds to 100 km/h and reaches a top speed of 296 km/h.
Mercedes S-Class BRABUS
BRABUS have created the ultimate BRABUS Mercedes as the new S-Class is even more beautifull. BRABUS already offers an exclusive tuning program for the new Mercedes S-Class which makes this luxury saloon even more unique. The range contains engine tuning just like discreetly styled aerodynamics parts and light alloy wheels in different dimensions and designs. Comfortably tuned suspensions and exclusive options for the interior round off the BRABUS programme for the new S-Class.
Mercedes SLK-Class BRABUS
BRABUS are trying to make the SLK even more sporty. The technicians and designers of the tuner emphasize the exciting character of this automobile even more and offer the owner of this SLK roadster even more driving fun and individuality. BRABUS have taken the extreme to the extreme as this car can be boosted even more and look even more sporty.
Mercedes V-Class BRABUS
High capacity sedans are more in demand than ever and BRABUS offer a program for the new V-Class and the Vito which offers higher maximum power, as well as more efficient aerodynamics, a more sporty handling and exclusive interiors up to the full Business-equipment with telecommunications facilities, computers and refrigerator.
Mercedes Maybach BRABUS
The Mercedes Maybach even without BRABUS pimping it up is the most luxurious car in the world. With BRABUS everything is made to the very highest standard. BRABUS has definatley put its mark on this machine. With a new tuning program which adds more power to the Maybach than orginarly had. The interior has been spiced up a little to had more luxury to it. The Maybach has even turned in to a gadget shop with more electronics controlling the car than before.   

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