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BRABUS tuning program for the new Mercedes SLK

Mercedes SLK-Class BRABUS
This Mercedes SLK BRABUS is more of the sportyer Mercedes which BRABUS tunes. It has its own tuning program which can lead it up to a 3.8S litre, poping 300hp.

BRABUS Engine Tuning
SLK 200
BRABUS B2 tuning kit, 14 hp / 10.3 kW in a box
BRABUS 2.6 175 hp / 128.8 kW, 265 Nm, 225 km/h

SLK 230
BRABUS K1 tuning kit, 17 hp / 12.5 kW
BRABUS K1S tuning kit, 27 hp / 19.9 kW
BRABUS 2.6 250 hp / 184 kW, 305 Nm, 239 km/h

SLK 320 V6
BRABUS 3.8 S 300 hp / 220 kW, 395 Nm at 4600 rpm, 258 km/h
BRABUS Aerodynamics-Kit for all Mercedes SLK
Until 03/00:
Front spoiler
Carbon front spoiler lip for BRABUS front spoiler
Rear valance with cut-out for BRABUS sports silencer

From 04/00:
Front spoiler bumper
Rear bumper with cut-out for standard silencer or BRABUS sports silencer
BRABUS Interiors
BRABUS Airbag Safety-Steering-Wheel, walnut wood or carbon design
BRABUS Stainless-Steel Entrance-Panels
BRABUS Floor-mats, Velours
BRABUS Gearshift Lever, hand-brake lever and door pins, aluminium
BRABUS Aluminium-Interior, gearshift lever, door pins

In addition, BRABUS makes individual interiors in the own saddlery according to the demands of the customer. The offer includes the completion of the ex works leather equipment up to exclusive leather appointments in BRABUS Mastik leather, an especially soft kind of leather.

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