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Mercedes C-Class BRABUS (W 203)
The BRABUS Tuning Program for the new Mercedes C-Class (W 203)
BRABUS who are always in Pole Position, also provides a complete range of tuning programs for the new Mercedes C-Class of the W 203 model range. Sporty-elegantly designed body styling parts, custom-fit wheel/tyre combinations from 17inch to 19-inch, sporty-comfortably set up suspension modifications, powerful performance tuning and exclusive options for the interior.

Mercedes C-Class (W 203)
Engine info & Body styling for the C-Class
With the BRABUS C V8 BRABUS even powers powerful V8 technology in the bodywork of the current C-Class. Powered by a 400 hp / 294 kW BRABUS 5.8 large-capacity engine this handmade special model is 294 km/h fast.

Front Apron with integrated front spoiler, for saloon and station wagon
Side Skirts, for saloon and station wagon
Rear Apron with cut-out for BRABUS sport exhaust, for saloon
Rear Valance with cut-out for BRABUS sport exhaust, for station wagon

BRABUS Engine Tuning
C 180
BRABUS B1 Tuning Kit, in preparation
BRABUS 2.6, 175 hp / 128,8 kW, 265 Nm, 225 km/h
C 200 Kompressor
BRABUS K1 Tuning Kit, in preparation
BRABUS 2.6 Kompressor, in preparation
C 220 CDI
BRABUS D3 Tuning Kit, 121 kW / 165 hp, 360 Nm at 1800 - 2600 U/min
C 240
BRABUS B8 Tuning Kit, in preparation
BRABUS 3.2, in preparation
C 270 CDI
BRABUS D4 Tuning Kit, 150 kW / 205 hp, 450 Nm
C 320
BRABUS B9S Tuning Kit, 243 hp / 179 kW
BRABUS 3.8 V6 272 hp / 200 kW, 381 Nm, 255 km/h
BRABUS 3.8 S V6 300 hp / 220 kW, 395 Nm, 262 km/h

BRABUS Interiors
BRABUS Airbag Safety-Steering-Wheel,
walnut wood or carbon design
BRABUS Stainless-Steel Entrance-Panels
BRABUS Floor-mats, Velours
BRABUS Wooden Gear-Shift-Lever-Knob, walnut wood
BRABUS Aluminium Interior, automatic transmission shifting gate,
gearshift lever and doorlock pin.

Mercedes C-Class (W 203) Engine
This BRABUS Engine is a 3.8S litre

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